Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Left & Right Of It

This photo...

wasn't born this way.

Check out my post at TexasChicksBlogsandPics to see how angling just a tad to the left can make a big impact on your photos!


tzigane said...

ok, this may be a silly question but do you rotate your image before you crop it? i would asume so but just wanted to check.

i love the pictures! they are great. thanks for sharing

Kat @ said...

Just came across your site and LOVE IT! I'm obsessed with photography and editing, but run 2 other 'gigs'... and... LIKE YOU, I have 4 little ones!

I"m laughing at the fact that you say you're a wanna be photographer. HEllo?!?!?! Wanna be? You're amazing!! I'm following you on Google Reader, for sure!

Cassandra said...

Fabulous, yes turning it a bit really does change the whole look of the image!

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