Killer Textures & Actions

I can't live without Textures & Actions.
I've spent countless hours ignoring my family and scouring the web for the coolest, most useful, and preferably free textures and actions.  Here's some of my absolute favorites:

Coffeeshop ~
FREE!  Rita gives free actions for Photoshop Elements, Lightroom 2 and Photoshop.  They're fabulous.
My friends adore me because I use Powder Room 2 on all their photos.

FloraBella Collection ~
I have the first Textures Set but am desperately craving the 2nd set.  Shana also released some actions that look just dreamy.  Attache & Vintage are my favs.

Kaleidoscope ~
These were my very first set of textures I ever used.  I won them on mcp and didn't know quite what to do with them!  Those Dream Textures completely opened my eyes to a whole new world of editing possibilities and truly assisted in defining my photography style.  I have every product Patti has launched and love them all.  The original Dream Textures are still my favorites though.

mcp actions ~
Jodi has the best actions around for photographers that help with color correction, lighting issues and everything else that I can get wrong in my camera.  Plus she just released actions that are compatible with Photoshop Elements so that makes her my friend.

Nichole V ~
Soft & Vintage is her style of actions and textures but she really has something for everyone.  I love her Flourish brushes even though I really stink at using them.

Pioneer Woman ~
I used Ree's FREE actions when I was trying out the 30 day trial of Photoshop cs4.  I fell in love with them and can't wait til they're converted to be compatible with Elements.  Heartland and 70's were the coolest.

ShadowHouse Creations ~
Kinda creepy, kinda weird, totally awesome FREE textures!  I love the huge selection he has and of course his generosity.  Scratch the Surface is my favorite set.  You need it.

Texas Chicks Blogs & Pics ~
Erin has tons of FREE actions for Lightroom 2, Photoshop Elements and Photoshop.  She's got some great ones for sale too such as her Sharpening Powerhouse action which has become essential in my edits.  If I had to choose a favorite though it would be the Defog...I love what it does to remove the "haze" that I usually didn't even know existed until I run the Defog!

*Nothing makes my Stuff I Love pages unless I personally {love} it, {use} it, {can't live without} it.
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