Learning Resources

This may be hard to believe, but I wasn't born with an endless supply of editing and photography skills.
I had a lot of help...a LOT of help....

Here's some of the fabulous books, sites and resources that continue to help me learn and grow in this wonderful world of photography:

Coffeeshop ~
Tutorials on everything possible.  Visit.  Learn.  Drink Coffee.

Magic Lantern Guide ~
I bought one for my pentx k10 and I read every page!  It's way better than the camera manual and gives you the good and the bad about whatever camera you're using.  The link displayed is for the Pentax but they come for all the Canons and Nikons too. Buy It.

Photoshop Elements User ~
This site offers so much exclusively for Photoshop Elements.  Their step-by-step videos are incredibly easy to follow and taught me so much.  I look forward to every issue of the magazine.  It's completely worth the $49 joining fee.

Scott Kelby Book for Digital Photographers ~
I bought this book for Photoshop Elements 6 and couldn't believe how EASY it was to understand.  I absolutely love that every step was represented with a screenshot...just my style!  I learned so many tricks I never knew existed, I'll be getting one to go with every PSE version I buy!

Texas Chicks Blogs & Pics ~
Erin is fantastic at uncovering little tips and tricks for everything from editing to blogging to buying products.  She's made my life easier and I thank her for that.  She'll make your life easier too.

*Nothing makes my Stuff I Love pages unless I personally {love} it, {use} it, {can't live without} it.
Know of something that you think deserves to be on these pages?  Send me an email and I'll check it out.  If you have a product that you just know I'll love then send it over and I'll do a complete review for all the world to see.*
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