Friday, October 30, 2009

Check Out This on Texas Chicks

I have cropping on the brain!
Erin over at Texas Chicks Blogs & Pics has been brave and gracious enough to post some of my ramblings about my recent crop obsession.
Check it out here if you'd like to go From This To That!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Do We Really Need Both Eyes?

I'm not known for my "traditional" style of photography.
And I'm OK with that.
In fact, my style often involves chopping off an eye...
Eyes Post1
Eyes Post2
...or both eyes.
And while we're on the the head really necessary?
What I'm trying to say is...sometimes it's the "part" of the photo that tells the story, not the "whole" photo.
Can you guess what this is a picture of? I bet ya head, eyes, or major body parts needed!
Garter - web
I've been editing a ton of photos lately for family photo sessions and I'm trying to challenge myself to not always go for the "Look at the camera and Say Cheese" picture. Most of my favorite pictures involve no eyes at all!
Here's a few of Rebel I took last this one he's gettin ready for the big game. I threatened his life to get him to look at me and smile. Then I snapped this one quickly as an afterthought...and although all major body parts are accounted for, his eyes are covered will be one of my forever favorites of him.
Prep Time
Here's another one, my threatening didn't work this time and he wouldn't even look at me. (yes, my mothering skills need help, that's a whole other post!) So I just snapped away, much to his annoyance, and ended up with another shot that portrays one aspect of his personality so well...again, the eyes are barely visible but I love it...
So join me in the challenge to explore new angles, new views and new attitudes when analyzing your photos.
Every time I open a new photo in my editor I try to ask myself "What part tells the story?"...or even better...
"Do we really need both eyes?"
I'd love to read your comments on how you challenge yourself in photography...please share!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Before & After Edition

I love Before & After shots that show great photography editing.
They provide me with inspiration...motivation...and sometimes depress me really bad.
Well, they could depress me if I really dwell on all the fabulous edits I see of all the fabulous photographers and think about about how I could never be that...fabulous.  
But then I do a little pick-me-up and look at all the things I've learned thanks to some extremely generous people on the web.  People who spend their precious time trying to teach people like me how to be better photographers and editors.  
So in the spirit of generosity, I wanted to share some of my own Before & After shots.  I'm an amateur in every sense of the if I can learn to do this stuff so can you!
I use to let myself get depressed because I don't own photoshop...
B&A Lovely
...but I do own photoshop elements.
I could get depressed because I don't have a fancy schmancy Nikon d300 with awesome lenses...
B&A Sweet
...but I do own a great Pentax with my favorite 70-300.
I wish I had the time to go to those awesome photoshop and photographer workshops all over the country...
B&A Pink
...instead I watch video tutorials in between stirring the macaroni & cheese and helping kids with homework.
It'd be so incredible if I had the money to buy all the Totally Rad Actions...
B&A Magazine
...but Rita & Erin give away actions for free...that's even better!
I'd love to have a killer photography website and wow the masses with my brilliance...
B&A Rebel
...instead I have a great little blog that my family & friends enjoy.
If only I had an incredible outdoor studio I could really do some impressive photos...
B&A Striking
...but I've got a wonderful park a short drive away and everyone who comes to it has had a great time.
I really need to take some classes then maybe I'd be as good as those professionals...
B&A Flowergirl
...but I'd rather spend my weekends at the soccer fields and in sweet chaos.
And finally, if only I had lots more money and lots more time, I'd be a photography editing queen...
B&A Lovely
...but for now I'll be grateful for what I've learned and excited for what I'm going to learn.
So take it from don't need all those things to truly enjoy your passion.
But a girl can dream...
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