Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm A Winner!

I'm A Winner!
No, this is not a self-motivating technique to cure the trauma of my childhood.
Really, I'm A Winner!  I won a set of FAB U LOUS textures in a photography blog contest!
Jodi at mcp actions had a contest giving away 20 texture sets from the Kaleidoscope collection.
I'm a contest junkie and enter everything I come across but of course never, ever, ever, never
win anything.  So I was seriously doin' some screaming when I saw my name on the list of winners.
First, let me clarify by saying Kaleidoscope textures are waaaay more than your average, run-of-the-mill textures.  They're gorgeous and creamy and incorporate light and bokeh and feeling into your photos like nothing I've ever seen.  
Next, let me clarify by saying I really have no idea how to correctly use them yet!!  There's so many possibilities and I haven't had a lot of time to play around with them.   I managed to edit a few photos from our boating weekend but not really sure I did the textures justice.  
Here's a few photos for you to get a very small glimpse at these textures in action.  I also used Coffeeshop clipping masks and actions on these photos.  
I love the deep rust color the texture added to this photo of Shep.
On this one of Princess I added the subtle sun rays to the top left of the photo. Do you see it?
This is one of my favorites...I love action shots. The texture on this one really brought a dramatic effect to the shot.
Here's the before shot:
Before shot
See what I mean, not very dramatic!
Anyway, you need to check out the Kaleidoscope site for yourself and see the stunning transformations that these textures and effects can do for your photos. I'm usually all about the free stuff for photography but I had to spread the word on how
great these sets are. And of course how thrilled I am about getting mine for FREE! 
Thanks Jodi and Patti! You keep doing fabulous stuff, I'll keep telling everyone I know!

Shameless Promotional Plug

Have you ever dreamed of owning a patio like this? 1
Or how about this one? 3
And this one is pretty nice... 4
Well, if you've ever dreamed of having a fantastic paver patio, NOW YOU CAN, with!
If this sounds like a shameless, promotional plug for a fabulous new website, IT IS!
But since it's my website and my blog, I'm OK with it. is the brainchild of my hubby and has been our consuming venture for about 9 months now.
After 11 years of owning a landscape/hardscape business and designing some of the most wonderful paver patios, hubby
decided to streamline the business and strictly promote the patio designs online. He shut the showroom doors, sold the heavy equipment and went into the business of website ownership.
The months..and months...and months of work has resulted in the largest library of predesigned paver patios available for instant download anywhere. It's an incredible resource for anything regarding paver patios and outdoor environments in general.
So go check it out! There's pages and pages of designs and ideas for your ideal patio.
Now...a few more teaser photos just to get you in the mood... 5 2
You know you want one!


God is our Refuge
In many ways, my life at this moment is uncertain and burdensome. 
In more ways, my life is Blessed.
Everyone views God's Blessings in their own way. I wanted to share what I undoubtedly know for a fact are the many blessings that God has provided for my family in just a few short months.
~Bags of fabulous clothes have been given to my boys that are a perfect fit to one of them.
~Kroger gift cards have randomly arrived in the mail. I feed 7 people in my house - I would choose a
Kroger card over a Tiffany necklace ANY DAY!
~My family has entertained my children, fed them, kept them overnight, bought them crocs and went  
geo-cacheing with them.
~I found a Dick's Sporting Goods gift card in my wallet that was over a year old but still had $$ on it. I
have 4 kids who play sports - I would choose a Dick's gift card over a Tiffany necklace ANY DAY!
~Friends and neighbors have heaped bags and bags of homegrown vegetables upon us. Nothin' better
than a BLT with a homegrown tomato.
~Four "free haircut" coupons were left at my door. I just happen to have 4 children with hair issues. Now
that's a blessing!
~Bestest girlfriend showed up at my house with an arm full of swanky new dresses just my size
Ohhh the power of a new dress!
~Grandparents have kept my children supplied with Fanta, school supplies, princess sweatshirts and too
much love.
~Girlfriends have made me laugh, provided Princess with a mega "can-can" skirt and shamelessly promoted my resume. Can't ask for more than that.
My list could go on...and on...I'm overwhelmed with God's goodness.
Let me encourage you to's Blessings in your life. 
What's on your list that He's blessed you with recently?

Saturday, August 15, 2009


The theme for the I Heart Faces contest this week is Bubbles!
First of all, I double pinky swear that I did NOT photoshop that bubble in the shot!!  
I just got lucky when I was shooting the kids playing with bubbles at a soccer game.  
Gotta love that tongue stickin' out...such intensity!  
Personally, I think Nike should use this shot for one of their ads and pay me lots of money...if any of you know somebody at Nike, will you please pass this photo along?  I'd appreciate it!
Aim High
Check out I Heart Faces to see all of the great entries and don't forget to add YOURS to the fun!
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