Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shameless Promotional Plug

Have you ever dreamed of owning a patio like this? 1
Or how about this one? 3
And this one is pretty nice... 4
Well, if you've ever dreamed of having a fantastic paver patio, NOW YOU CAN, with!
If this sounds like a shameless, promotional plug for a fabulous new website, IT IS!
But since it's my website and my blog, I'm OK with it. is the brainchild of my hubby and has been our consuming venture for about 9 months now.
After 11 years of owning a landscape/hardscape business and designing some of the most wonderful paver patios, hubby
decided to streamline the business and strictly promote the patio designs online. He shut the showroom doors, sold the heavy equipment and went into the business of website ownership.
The months..and months...and months of work has resulted in the largest library of predesigned paver patios available for instant download anywhere. It's an incredible resource for anything regarding paver patios and outdoor environments in general.
So go check it out! There's pages and pages of designs and ideas for your ideal patio.
Now...a few more teaser photos just to get you in the mood... 5 2
You know you want one!


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