Friday, October 30, 2009

Check Out This on Texas Chicks

I have cropping on the brain!
Erin over at Texas Chicks Blogs & Pics has been brave and gracious enough to post some of my ramblings about my recent crop obsession.
Check it out here if you'd like to go From This To That!


Marcee said...

I just read your post on Texas Chicks and left a comment. I LOVE your pictures and can't wait to try out the horizontal crop:)

Joanie said...

I just read your article over at Erin's blog. Wow... I love the difference! Thanks you for making me think about that!
PS I've subscribed to your blog!

Traci said...

I decided to read part one here first, but rest assured I'll be back to read more! Last week I wrote about excluding faces altogether. Feel free to check me out - I'm no pro, but have been photographing a long time. Thanks for the unique perspective!
P.S. I hope this kosher to leave my blog address. (;

Erin said...

Brave? More like thrilled and honored. Thank you for posting on Texas Chicks!

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