Monday, February 15, 2010

Save $10 On A Custom Logo & Watermark Kit!

If you have a business, you need a Logo.
If you have a group or organization or blogsite, you need a Logo.
Basically, if you have anything you want people to remember and recognize by sight, 
you need a Logo!

I just went thru the process of having a custom logo designed for my photography business. It was so much fun and the anticipation of seeing my very own logo was very exciting.  When I kinda, sorta started my business last year I thought that custom logos were only for the 'big guys'...but, as usual, I was very wrong!

When I first started posting my photos and they were being viewed by potential customers, I had no watermark to let people know who had taken the photos.  And I thought that adding a graphic to my precious "works of art" would be distracting, but now that I have my logo I can't wait to add my graphic and let everyone know "...look what I made!"

For instance, people may enjoy seeing this photo in a facebook album...

...but this photo may encourage them to look up my website or find out more about my business...

But here's the thing, logos aren't just for photographers!  I have several friends who have just started businesses...custom jewelry, image consulting...and I've been asked to do some brochures and various marketing items for them.  My first question to them?  "Can you send me a copy of your logo?"  They don't have one!!  There's nothing distinct on their marketing to begin "branding" their business into people's brains!  Hopefully my harassment and public humiliation of them on my blog will encourage them to finally get a logo!

When I decided to have a custom graphic designed I spent a whole lotta time looking at different designers but finally decided on Heather, who is officially titled Rita's Lil Sis from Coffeeshop.  Her prices were reasonable and her design gallery was filled with creative and distinct logos.  Here's just a few that I took as a screenshot from her site:

When I saw these I had no doubt that she'd be able to deliver exactly what I was looking for:)

Heather earned her keep while working with me!  I had a quite a few "requests"
 such as:
1.  My colors are black and pink.
2.  Nothing cutesy, flowery or silly.
3.  BOLD...I don't mind attracting attention!
4.  I wanted a "graphic" that was able to stand alone and also a logo with text that included my full photo biz name.
5.  I wanted a black & white version and also a color version.
6.  I wanted it quickly!!!

Heather was very gracious in obliging all my requests and answered every stupid question I had quickly and thoroughly.  Here is what she created from my very specific wish list...

I was flippin' out when I saw it...I would have never been able to describe that to her but somehow she created the perfect thing.  She sent me several formats and versions so I can use it on photos, business forms, coffee mugs...whatever I want to do with it I've got a format that will make it happen~

After I got my logo I had to go about the task of applying it to my photos.  At first I would just open the file, drag and drop it on my photo, resize and move around...blah blah blah.  Let's just say I took the long way!  Finally I decided to give Rita's Coffeeshop Watermark Action Kit a try...guess's made specifically for applying logos to photos quickly...who knew???  

Here's an example of just using my black & white "graphic" without the text on a photo.  I would like that graphic to be recognized on it's own eventually if I don't want to take additional space with the added text.  I used the Drop Shadow option from the Watermark Action Kit.
And here's an example of the Frame It option using my entire logo in black & white:  (the thick black border is added by my blog, not the Frame It option)

{by the way...I've got an Anatomy Lesson coming soon on that pretty little girl in the pink!}

So there's a few examples of how life is great with my new logo and Watermark Kit...but don't let me be the only one enjoying can too!

Not only is Heather a logo designing genius, she's also very generous:)  She's offering a 
$10 Savings
on the following package:   You will get:
A.  Custom Logo designed by Heather specifically for you
B.  Coffeeshop Watermark Action Kit 
For the total price of $110
(normal price is $120)
This package deal is good thru February 28th so be sure to contact her quickly and get working on your logo!   Use the code "inspired" when requesting her services so she knows that Inspired by christy sent you~

One last thing...if you get a custom logo made I would love to see it!  Upload a picture to my Inspired by christy Fan Page on facebook and strut your stuff!


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