Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Win a Custom Photo Necklace !

If you hate fighting the crowds for your Christmas shopping, I've got the perfect solution for you!
If you like free stuff, I've got the perfect solution for you!

Memory Round My Neck, my newest obsession, has generously offered 1 FREE Custom Photo Necklace to a very lucky wayoutnumbered reader.

I'm generally not obsessive by nature but this combination of cherished photos plus fabulous jewelry has just captured my attention!  Mary Sue has always been known for her flair for jewels so when she started making her own jewelry from the family photos I took, things just went crazy:)  Everywhere she went people were asking "Where did you get that and how can I get one?".

Of course I did a little creative bartering and was able to get a few of her first designs for myself.  Here's a few of my favorites...

This Silver Pendant is classic, no frills and shows off my favorite things in the world.  The large pendant sizes really help when you've got a lot of stuff you're wanting to squeeze into one picture!

This Black Princess Rope is great for casual dress and it's pretty funky~cool.

What I absolutely love about all of these necklaces is the clasps.  Even the clasps are ornamental which is perfect if you have short hair like I do and the backs are always showing.  

Here's the best of you lucky photo fanatics is going to have your choice of one of those necklaces to custom design with YOUR favorite photo!

Just as a's a few of her pieces that are still on my wishlist...

I love love love these little charms she has with sayings on them such as "hope" ~ "friends" and "inspire"...

And this chunky chain is so cool...please Santa...please!

But I will tease you no longer:)  I'll turn you loose to check out Memory Round My Neck and choose all your favorite pieces for loved ones, friends, babysitters, the list is endless of people who will cherish the gift of memories.

Here's all you need to do to enter the contest to win 1 Free Custom Photo Necklace:

~ check out and browse thru her designs.
~ come back here and leave a comment telling the world if you would give this necklace as 
   a gift or hold onto it as a "Merry Christmas To Me".

Winner will be announced early next week (I'm non-committal today) and there may even be a little somethin-somethin for those that don't win.  Contest ends Saturday night at 9pm eastern time.

Stay tuned...there's lots more comin your way!


Brandy said...

Love this post! It would be a Merry Christmas to me :) I work in a very non-child friendly atmosphere were we are not allowed to even show pictures on our desks. Having my son's picture close to my heart would be wonderful!

Tara said...

I just LOVE the key chain and the black princess rope! The definitely would be a "Merry Christmas to me!" :)

Carin said...

How about one for me and one for my mom! Now that's a great idea!

Nicole said...

These are so beautiful. I might have to keep one and buy one for my mom! Thanks for sharing.

Nicole :)

Athena said...

That is a really tough call. Would want one for myself, and one for a gift to a dear friend whose daughter lives far away.

So, maybe win one, buy one? Really beautiful.

Jennifer said...

I love the Silver Pendant! If I won, I'd have to be selfish... just this once. It'd definitely be a little happy just for me!

Holloman said...

Hard choice! I think I would have to keep it for myself, but order others for gifts

Kim said...

So cute! I think it would be a perfect gift for Grandma. :)

Yvette said...

Definately a "Merry Christmas To Me". They are very beautiful and my favorite is the classic silver one. Simple but beautiful!
Thanks! Yvette

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this jewelry!!! It is soo beautiful and stunning. I have felt the jewelry, it is of very high quality. I must have it!!!!!! Im getting some for my mom, and mother-in-law. Perfect gift for the Grandmother's... They love showing off the grand babies :)

Kim said...

Wow what beautiful jewelry. I would definately want any one of these for myself. But I think I would make one to give away to my with all the pictures of the 5 grandchildren -like the "holiday bracelet" or a picture of the grandchilden all together for the "square with beads and hope"...what a wonderful gift that would make for Christmas!

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