Monday, November 23, 2009

Kaleidoscope Winners! Plus 30% Off for Everyone!

I'll get straight to the good stuff ~ if you are one of these 5 people you have won the ENTIRE Kaleidoscope Texture Collection!!

#28 Curt and Sarah        I think the Dream Collection is my favorite. But, seriously, they are all gorgeous! Impressive!

#37 Jensen Family       These are amazing!!!! i would love to work with the light set. I would have never guessed textures could do this. Awesome.

#57 Lisa      I definitely love the Gallery collection and the Light Set collection! Super cool!

#99  danmelkel     I have been drooling over these collections the past few weeks. I think my favorite is the light set.
#102 Kim       Wow, Wow, Wow - I just love them! I would love to try the new Gallery collection...simply fantastic! Thank you!

If you're one of the 5 winners please email: and let her know you're a winner from wayoutnumbered.  She will email you all her collections...WoW!!  
But wait, the good news ain't over yet!  EVERYONE receives 30% OFF any of the Kaleidoscope Collections!!  Simply use the code: outnumbered when checking out.  This discount code is good until December 8th, 2009 so shop shop shop!
Here's my super technical way of randomly choosing the was used to generate 2 of the numbers...

...and my 3 rowdy boys were told to write down their random # on a sheet of paper to choose the final 3 numbers. They were so excited to help choose the winners!  (by the way, I'm sure you're all impressed with that huge bicep my son is flexing for the camera!)

And if you like free stuff then stay tuned, I've got more contests in the works!  My newest obsession, Memory Round My Neck,  will be giving 1 lucky photo fanatic a Custom Photo Necklace just in time for Christmas!  Mary Sue has created some of the most beautiful photo jewelry and she'll be offering the winner a choice between one of these Black Rope Necklaces made with your favorite photo...

... or one of these Silver Pendant necklaces, also with your favorite photo to show off everywhere you go.

I've also got a few Anatomy lessons coming your first will be 
Anatomy of... a Brown Haired Girl.

Although this little beauty needed no improvement...

...I'll show you how I added a bit of drama with Kaleidoscope textures and Coffeeshop actions to create this portrait.

Whew!  That's a whole lotta info in this post!

Now here's your assignment ~ for everyone who wins or purchases the Kaleidoscope collections, please please please leave a comment here on my blog soon linking to the fabulous creations you make with her textures.  We all want to learn and be inspired so share the love with us!


Athena said...

We, I was not one of the lucky winners, but I loved the effects so much I just placed my order for the Gallery Collection. Thank you for the discount. That helped to seal the deal.

Love your site.

Rita said...

I have been looking everywhere for a "contact you" and I can't find it! You have a great site here and you have been so incredibly nice about my blog. I would love to promote your beautiful christmas cards and talk about your great tutorials, so if you are interested please email me! And happy Thanksgiving!!! Rita

Yvette said...

I wasn't a winner either but I will definately make use of the discount, Thanks a bunch! Ohhh, which one to choose???

Kim said...

I was a winner and I am SOOOO excited to play with these. Thank you, thank you so much for the contest!!!!! I feel like it is Christmas already!

danmelkel said...

Yay, I'm a winner!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! And....thanks again. I am so looking forward to having fun with these!

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