Monday, November 30, 2009

Winner of Custom Photo Necklace Plus 15% Off for Everyone!

If you're this person:'re the lucky winner of 1 Custom Photo Necklace from Memory Round My Neck !

Here's my random screenshot that chose comment #6:

Contact and tell her which necklace you would like and she'll fill in all the fun details!

But ~ of course ~ I've got a little somethin somethin for everyone else!

Everyone who entered with a comment will receive 15% OFF their first order from Memory Round My Neck.  Just mention "outnumbered" when placing your order and save a few bucks:)

And don't forget...I've got some Anatomy lessons coming soon!  If you like textures then you're in the right place cause I've used tons of them and can't wait to share with you how I layer them up!

Stay tuned~


Jennifer said...

I'm the winner of the necklace! I've already contacted Mary Sue. Thank you so much for offering the drawing on your blog. I've never won anything of any significance before and this made my day! - Jennifer

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