Thursday, April 2, 2009

the wedding

Earlier this year I had the extreme  {pleasure...honor...terrifying experience}  of photographing my cousin Ryan's wedding. 
Keep in mind, I am NOT a photographer!!  I'm just a mom who's obsessed with photography and knows just enough about it to keep thinking if I buy more equipment I'll get better pictures.  So far that theory has not proved true. I've NEVER photographed ANYTHING for ANYBODY EVER before.  
But for some reason Ryan and his gorgeous bride Allison kept refusing to take my "NO!" as an answer and I soon found myself packing my suitcase to head to a cozy little church in North Carolina.  I'm here to say, I actually enjoyed it more than I could have ever imagined.  
And I really wish they'd do it all over again because I would do soooo much better the second time!  
Anyway...a lot of friends and family have been asking to see the pictures so I'll share a few of my favorites here.  I took over 1,600 shots  in 7 hours!  Whew!  
I'll start with the bride and groom.  (Is there anyone else?)  They made my job so easy: the groom was very dapper, the bride beyond beautiful.  I was dying to use my new Perfect Portrait action to "beautify" their faces but unfortunately they needed very little help.  I need to choose uglier family next time so I can show off my editing skills a little more!
I used Pioneer Woman Actions and Coffeeshop Actions for the majority of these photos.  If you're interested in fabulous FREE actions you need to take a look at their sites.  
Of course the Bride is the main focus of the day.  Why does anybody else even bother to show up?
And of course the dapper Groom looking very dapperish:
The Groom
And here's a few more of the lovely couple in some great, non-posed and untraditional wedding moments:
The Dance
I'll share more later of the bridesmaids, groomsmen, fun stuff.... there's so much packed into one big day!
Also I hope this can help 'inspire' somebody to attempt to achieve something beyond their comfort zone. I was scared to death to take on the responsibility of their wedding but I educated myself beforehand and tried to approach the day calmly. (I didn't mention to the bride and groom that I had nightmares for 3 weeks ahead of time that I showed up at the wedding without my camera!)


Sarah @ said...

You did a great job! Congratulations to the bride and groom =)

Drea said...

hey! great job. U got some fun pictures. i love the 1st one of the bride.

Amy said...

Gorgeous pics!! My goodness!! Loved all your fun PS tweeks.. awesome awesome!

Erin said...

I would never believe you weren't a professional photographer. These pictures are amazing!

drewmark19 said...

You did an awesome job! They will be so happy to have those pictures. I recently shot a wedding with my sister, and it is exhausting. The worst part is that shooting the wedding is easy compared to the hours spent editing. :) That experience let me know that wedding photography is not my thing. Maybe it should be, though. I'm sure I'd be much skinnier if I were running around every weekend trying to get all the crucial moments of a wedding.

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