Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Anatomy of....Girl On The Swing

Today's Anatomy Lesson features my lovely Girl On The Swing.
{not to be confused with Boy On The Swing...totally different stuff}

I just love it when the stars align and everything just fits with a photo~  
I was shooting some family pics of my great friends and while I was trying to get the fam together
for the big group shot, Ms. Amber was in her own little world just playing on the swing.
When I looked over and saw her looking so lovely....I walked over and just snapped a few.  That's all it took~

Here's my original...

The expression and lighting was perfect but I wasn't thrilled with the hair issue on the back so I cropped in a little closer.  

Next I ran Coffeeshop BabyPowderRoom and very lightly softened the didn't need much.

Then I added a texture from a new site I'm just in love with ~ Jessica Drossin Textures.
Jessica's textures are edgy and dramatic {everything I'm not but love for my photos to be!}.  
And they're priced very reasonable which is a huge plus for me so go check them out.

Back to the photo:)  I used Blush from Jessica's Texture Pack One and erased out the texture
on her body at 100% then erased around the edge of her body at about 35%...(that's the lighter gray area on the layer mask)

Then I flattened the image.  I thought her skin looked a bit drab though so I ran CoffeeshopButterscotch Vintage action and erased the action off everything BUT her skin...

Much better:)  I should have been satisfied but it still looked just a tad cold to me so I ran PW Warmer action, erased from all but her body and lowered the opacity to about 30%.

Here's my final~

Simply. Gorgeous.  

You can check out the rest of the photos from this session in my Facebook album....if you think she's stunning you should see her sister....and her mom...and her brother....and even her dad!  

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!


Jan said...

Stunningly gorgeous!
Love the crop, and the texture work is perfection.
Love it :)

hootnonny said...

I love your posts and your step-by-steps. Thank you.

Sarah Cox said...

Wonderful edit! Love it!

Patti Brown said...

Girlfriend, Gorgeous. Gorg, gorg, gorg. - PB

Kirstin said...

I love this....I really need to play with my photoshop more!

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