Monday, September 7, 2009

Check Me Out

I Have Arrived.
I will now live my life of luxury as was intended from the beginning.  
Or not.
Probably not.
OK, so I'm probably not going to be famous yet, but a fabulous lady with a fabulous blog has asked me to be a Reader Contributor.  Yes, I'm lovin' that I have an official title.  
This was waaaay exciting for me since I love to talk about photography stuff and nobody in my house likes to listen.  Erin at TexasChicksBlogsandPics has an incredibly resourceful website packed with all kinds of tips, tutorials and recommendations for photoshop elements, lightroom and photography in general.  She makes everything very simple to understand which I highly appreciate!
So, if you haven't checked out her site, do it.  And if you want to check out my post, do that too.
You may even learn a thing or two about how you can get great close-up shots of your kids playing sports...kinda like this...


Olivia said...

aww. That is so cute! Did Sienna win?

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