Tuesday, March 10, 2009


My baby turned 4 last week.
You know how some people refer to their children as the baby but they're not really the baby?
Well, Princess is truly and officially my baby.  She's the youngest of 4 which is a big deal for a mommy.
And while I'm not what you'd call a sentimental gal, this particular birthday has had me in quite a tailspin.
I can't exactly pinpoint why I'm so befrazzled about this 4th birthday.  I've been thru three previous 4th birthdays
and I've handled them quite calmly.  
But this's just....different.  
I think it may be because this 4th birthday has entered me into a stage in my life that I've never seen.
For the past 13 years straight I've been able to classify my life into one (or 2 or 3!) of the following categories:
               I'm pregnant.
               I've got a newborn.
               I've got a toddler.
Each of those categories needs no explanation....they're self-containing....and they're a life unto themselves!
But 4....4 is different.  
4 is 'big kid' material.  And I don't like it. 
This rebellion of mine towards the number 4 could also be due to the fact that this is, indeed, the last time I will ever experience any of my children having a 4th birthday....or a 3rd...or a 2nd.....or a 1st.....or the birth day in all it's excitement and anticipation.   Hubby and I decided that having  4 creatures was more than blessed and hopefully Dr. Dorsey tied all the right things to make sure there's not 5 creatures anytime ever.  And I'm ok with regrets.  
I believe I'm just realizing that this is the closing of a what's been a long, exhausting, exhilirating and ever-surprising chapter in this here life of mine.  I never thought those days would end.  
I'll miss them terribly.


Anonymous said...

Well, this long road in which you have so gratiously traveled will be filled with many more firsts.....and with those comes a whole rush of more invigerating memories on which to ponder. And just think of how many "4's" your grandkids will bring!!! LOL

emily said...

I don't even know you, but my goodness... I feel your pain! My little miss just turned 4 in January and it just seemed to have crept up on me way too fast! Hang in there, mama!

Sarah @ said...

I have no idea what to say, so here's a *hug* instead.

Anonymous said...

I know you won't believe this but.... you brought a tear to my eye. But no more talk of you getting older! That would mean that others in the fam are getting older too and we are not going there! Right?

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