Monday, February 23, 2009


She never had a chance really.
The lone daughter born after 3 rowdy boyish boys.
The lone granddaughter to both grandmas.
The baby.
If that isn't a recipe for a Princess then I don't know what is.
Princess is a swirl of rainbows, wonderment and all things pink.
She has a keen sense of fashion.
When Dora the Explorer put on her party dress for Boots' Birthday Bash,
Princess came screaming to tell me about the wonderful dress. I had to
rewind again & again so Princess could examine all the details on the new
dress. Dora did look quite spiffy.
She perceives her everyday events as only a Princess does. I asked her one morning after Sunday School class,
"How was your class?" Simple enough question.
"Mom, it was boo-ti-ful. Olivia wore a red dress and Chloe wore a pink dress. Olivia had a bow in her hair. We need to go to the store and get me a red dress."
I'll never forget that answer.
Although Princess is 32 pounds of pure sweetness, BE WARNED:
Princess is not for the weak at heart.
Men cower and boys flee at the sound of her shriek.
Often times mom is the lone braveheart to enter The Princess Suite
when she bellows for chocolate milk when awakening from her afternoon slumber.
I dutifully obey...everyone obeys a Princess.


Sarah @ said...

And what a lovely princess she is! I'd obey her too =)

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