Saturday, August 18, 2012

Photography Idol? I'm in!

I am entering my first-ever photography contest and I'll tell ya why ~
It's not for the usual prizes....nope, none of that.
I'm entering a contest because it offers the chance to have my images critiqued by some amazing photographers in front of the whole cyber world.

Chic Critique, which is an incredible source of knowledge for any level of photographer, is invading the photography world with Photography Idol.  To sum it up...photographers submit one lone image (boy that's hard) that "totally represents our style and skill".  Judges will then select 10 images to continue on to the next round based upon image quality and memorable impact.

The top 10 contestants will then have to complete a series of photo challenges for several weeks.  This means I would have to create unique concepts, find models, execute the shoots, edit images and produce fantasticness like never before.  Very quickly.  During my absolute busiest time of year.

Bring it on.

I had about 5 different shots in mind to submit but I decided on this one because I think it fit the "memorable impact" the best.  It's kind of risky since the majority of the images being submitted are soft  and beautiful...of baby girls in frilly skirts and lots of dreamy sun flare.  Leave it to me to mix it up with a hard core black & white of boy behind bars!

I'll keep you updated!  Check out Photography Idol to see all the other wonderful entries!


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