Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Should This Photo Be Saved?

So I'm going thru my photos from a session with my one of my favorite models ever, Little Ms. Alexis, when I come to this image...

...and I have to make the decision "Do I trash this photo or save it?".

There's so many obvious flaws...the crop is so wrong...the white balance is awful...the exposure pretty much stinks.  This SOOC image will definitely NOT be in an upcoming blog about "getting it right in camera"!  It was actually a test shot when I was testing the lighting to photograph her baby sister and I told her all she had to do was sit there:)

Also, I already had so many images that I knew were going to be fabulous.
What would you do?  Would you save it or trash it?

Despite all the flaws, the expression on this photo just captivated me and I knew I had to save it.

Of course the first thing I did, since I'm a cropping maniac, was crop in Lightroom to make sure there was no mistake that this portrait was all about that expression.  Here's my crop...

Then I had to get rid of her sunburned cheeks but I didn't want to lose the detail of all those great freckles so I did a few curves adjustments then decided to a very light black and white photo.  I used a whole mish mash of Florabella actions and finally came up with a recipe I liked.  Here's a comparison shot of the SOOC and my final portrait...

And here's the final image in all it's glory~

I pretty much luv it.

So tell you think it was worth saving?  

{you can check out all the other images from this session that I saved by clicking right here}


hootnonny said...

I was going to say YES!
Love the post!

Butterbean Row said...

Betty led me to your site again. I had just about giving up on you posting again. :o)
I thought the original was good except for some levels adjustments and using "Center light" from FB. But your crop is completely awesome. Something I wouldn't have thought of. Thanks for the post!

All the best,


way outnumbered said...

I'm still here Charlotte!! Thanks for sticking with me! Yes I love finding those "hidden gems" in photos that otherwise would have been trashed. It's like a treasure hunt for me:)

bubbleboo said...

I just came across you through a guest post you did for Texas Chicks - and I am captivated! I love how you saved this picture. I'm always doing that with not-so-perfect shots of my own.

So glad I found your blog. I love your photography and your style - definitely a new fan :)

way outnumbered said...

Well Thank You *bubbleboo* for those awesome encouraging words! Glad to have you sure to keep in touch:)

hootnonny said...

Hey Christy, I keep returning to look at your masterpieces. Since you often crop so close, I'm wondering if you crop to a printable size?

way outnumbered said...

Sometimes I will crop to an 11x14 or 16x24 since those are the canvas sizes I sell most. But if I'm not sure what size I'll be printing then I will just crop to the aspect of the original photo or I'll leave the resolution blank so I can adjust it later when printing. Honestly I'm not a great one for explaining formatting images...I would advise to check other blogs that have more technical advice. Then maybe you can teach me how to do it the correct way!

hootnonny said...

Thanks, Chrisy. Was wondering how you do it since you do a lot of close face cropping - and I like to do that but have had few printed.

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