Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm Back

I'm baaaaaack!  And I'm better than ever.
{well, that last part remains to be seen, but haven't you always wanted to say that?}

In case you were wondering if I had fallen off the face of the earth, I haven't.  Last fall I had the great fortune to actually start booking more clients...
which meant I spent more time shooting 
and editing
and meeting
and designing
and learning
and emailing
and facebooking
and and and

You get the picture.  Surprisingly enough I realized that with a short 24 hours in a day I am only capable of doing so much.  And with 4 children who want to eat every single day and demand clean underwear at least twice a week, something had to give.  So I stepped away from my beloved blogging to try and maintain a grasp on the chaos I still had left.  

But the blogging gal inside of me never shut down.  Every time I would learn something new or make an epic fail or try a fantastic new photo product I would be thinking in my brain about how I would love to share my thoughts with the world.  So here I am back in the blogging world with an overload of random thoughts spilling onto the page.  
I warn you, it may get messy.

I've experienced sooooo much since last fall in photography and business and everything in between and I just can't wait to share it with you.  Every experience is just swirling around in my brain and I can't quite seem to sort it all out yet.  You ever get like that?

For instance, a few things I've learned over the past months:

~ Facebook is an evil necessity to me.  Necessity because it's the only place I can reach tons of people with my photography for free.  Evil because it breeds insecurity and doubt when browsing other photography pages and comparing to my own work.  

~ Getting the shot right "in camera" beats fixing in photoshop any day.  

~ I'm a sucker for templates.  I stink at graphic design so I bought a ton of templates last year to have plenty of options for products.  I need to control myself. 

~ Even though I stink at design, I wish I could create new marketing products every day.  I love the creative outlet it provides and I really love showing off all the awesome people I get to photograph.  

~ Shooting with the end result in mind has completely changed my photography habits.

I'll talk more about all those things later.  I hope you stick around for it.  

One thing that hasn't changed...I still love textures.  Always and forever.

Here's a lovely B&A with 2 lovely sisters/singers, showing how I enhanced their photo with just a few lovely textures.  Aren't they lovely?


hootnonny said...

I'm glad you're back blogging, though I do check in on your FB (which I find evil just because it will not let you go once in its grasp!) What a difference in the pic of the sisters! Love how the textures warmed up the pic!

way outnumbered said...

Thank You hootnonny for sticking with me! Yes, Facebook is a love/hate relationship these days:)

Anonymous said...

I'm just finding you, glad you're here! Read one of your articles on Erin's site. The sisters photo is beautiful! Can you tell me which textures you used? I liked your comment about preferring to "get it right in camera" to spending lots of time in PS. Are you shooting jpeg? Thanks so much, you inspire me!

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