Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Art In Motion With Animoto

You may remember me expressing my love of Animoto before.  I love it.  
{Thank You Dr. Sheely for telling me about it 2 years ago!}

It's a quick and easy alternative to building your own videos.  I enjoy making videos in iMovie, which is fabulous, but I always struggle with adding the music.  I don't listen to music a lot and I don't have a library full of selections to add to my videos so that was the defining choice for me to choose Animoto.  They have a large library of music to choose from and if you have the Pro account the selection increases quite a bit.  No worries about violating copyright and all that legality stuff~

I have been wanting to incorporate video with my photo sessions for a while so I've been experimenting with Animoto again recently.  Here's a look at The Story of Zara that I created for my friend Sharon and her sweet baby girl.  I've titled my videos Art In Motion....because, that's exactly what it is!

If you're thinking of adding video to your photography business or just want a great program to make videos for fun, Animoto is the perfect place.  Check it out!  And be sure to share a link with me if you make your own videos...I want to see them!


Shonni said...

That is such a beautiful video.

cynthia gayle said...

This truly is ART in motion!!

Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

The video is beautiful!!! I just want to know....WHO looks that beautiful in labor??? This lady is just gorgeous!!!

Butterbean Row said...

wonderful job! I am going to try animoto.

way outnumbered said...

@Thoughtfully Blended Hearts - I know!!! If she weren't so darned nice it would be easy to hate her for looking so great while having a baby!

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