Friday, February 4, 2011

My First Video Tutorial!

Wanna know what I learned while making my first ever video tutorial? 
~ It's harder than you think!

It took me about 9 tries to record this thing!  I'm not used to actually explaining what I'm doing and why I'm doing it when I edit so it was really weird for me.  But I tried to make sure to tell what tools I use (like the Liquify tool....the Brush tool) and also mention all the actions I was using and where I got them from.

So if you actually make it thru all 11 minutes of my rambling I would love your feedback!  Let me know what was good....what I need to improve....and what you'd like to see next.  And here's a huge "Thank You" in advance for watching my first ever, super cool, way awesome video tutorial on 
Using Actions to Enhance Your Images!!!! 
{and if it doesn't work just humor me and tell me it was fabulous}


SLucy said...

Beautiful, I like how you shared where you got your free actions from! Do you know where you got the ortan action from? Please and thank you ;)

way outnumbered said...

I get the majority of my free actions at Coffeeshop...she has tons of great ones! Here's a link to the Orton action you can find on her site...let me know if you use and how you like it!

way outnumbered said...

My link isn't working...sorry about that~ Just go to: and search "Orton" you can download it from there. Have Fun!

Louisiana Belle said...

I think your tutorial was great! Thanks for taking the time to share your tips. I have a LOT of Coffeeshop actions, but didn't know how to utilize them to their potential. This was really helpful. Thanks again.

Sarah Cox said...

Very well done! I have all of the coffee shop actions too! I started out on my own just jumping right in and that blog totally saved me! And of course that is how I found your blog which is awesome as well! It is fun to see that we do a lot of things the same, but I also learned a few new ways to do some things as well! Keep up the great work! Thanks for doing it!

hootnonny said...

Very informative. I absolutely love your processing and appreciate your sharing. I'd love to see you do a video on using the butterscotch vintage. I love using it on people but don't seem to get the same look you do. Thanks!

way outnumbered said...

Thank you everyone for the great feedback! It's so nice to know I can offer another point of view for editing and maybe show some new ways to do things.

Hootnonny ~ I LOVE Butterscotch Vintage and will surely do a video on that....I'll be on the hunt for a great photo for it:)


thx for sharing!

SLucy said...

Got it! Thank you so much! :)

charlottes web said...

Thanks so much for a great tutorial. I love the glam look too but get criticized by some that is not real. I don't care. I like to make people look the best that they can.
Keep up the good work!


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