Monday, January 3, 2011

Style Showcase 2010

Ever heard of Facebook?
I'm going to assume that's a "yes".

Well I've launched a new promotion on my Facebook fan page called *Style Showcase 2010* and I want to tell you all about it.
I was wanting to do kind of an end of year review of all my photo sessions this year but wasn't quite sure how to organize it without basically just doing one major album filled with every photo I've taken!!  

So I decided to focus on promoting what I believe makes Inspired by christy just a bit different from a world full of other photographers.  I chose one image from the majority of my 2010 sessions that best represents my *unique* style to showcase in my Facebook album.  

To make it fun for my clients, I've said that the image that receives the most comments will win a free Canvas Gallery Wrap or Metal Print.  And to make it fun for voters I'll give one lucky voter a $25 gift card to dinner or  I want everyone to be able to participate and enjoy looking thru my 2010 images.  Here's the promos I made up for it....

If you're a photographer with a Facebook page I would recommend doing something like this for your business.  I've gotten all positive feedback so far and the clients with the featured images are really getting exciting about the chance to win such a great prize!  

Word-of-mouth is by far the way I gain new clients and the majority of them see my images on Facebook before going to my website.  So this promotion has been fantastic for getting my images in front of new people that may not have had the opportunity to hear about Inspired by christy any other way but thru their friends.  

If you'd like to take a look at my *Style Showcase 2010* just head on over to my Facebook fan page HERE
And don't be sure to leave your comments on all the images you enjoy and you just may be the lucky voter who wins the gift card!  Also, have you tried a great promotion for your business that worked well for everyone involved?  I'd love to hear about it!


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