Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lenses & More Lenses

I am absolutely *loving* all the tips I'm getting on the cameras & lenses!  

You cannot even begin to fathom how many hours I've poured over investigating into all the different lenses over the last few days.  I'm sure this is also due to the fact that my beloved Mac computer is getting fixed for some hard drive problems so I'm not able to do any editing....uggghh!  So instead I've spent my time reading review after review and daydreaming about my Wish List~

Here's what I've realized on the camera body....I tried out the Canon 7D yesterday at a local store and I didn't like the joystick thingy...I prefer a button or a wheel?  Also, I just didn't like the sound of the shutter that weird?  It was too "clicky" and mechanical....does anyone else obsess over those things?
But I had the 50mm 1.4 lens on it and I was so impressed...and a little depressed that I don't have one!
I'm going to a different store tomorrow to play with the Nikon d300s...I can't find a store anywhere that has both in stock!

On a side note, I also played with the Nikon d700 yesterday, which is a step up from the d300s.  That thing was Huge and Heavy!  It had a big lens on it which added to the weight but ohh how fun it was...I was shooting at ISO 3200 indoors without flash and pics were so sharp...I just couldn't believe how heavy...does anyone shoot all day with that camera?  I'd love to hear how you carry it around for long~

Now to the lenses....I think I've changed my mind completely on my original Wish List!

Somewhere along the line I stumbled across this piece of hardware...

The reviews on Amazon & B&H by owners of this lens say it's absolutely fabulous!  The 2.8 aperture is constant at any focal length which is a huge plus...and also explains the huge price.  I'm thinking this may be a more convenient option also instead of carrying around several prime lenses and a small zoom?

Does anyone have this....use this....don't really care?  

I'll have more tutorials coming as soon as I get my Mac back and start editing again...I'm going stir crazy here ~!~!~!


O Schrock said...

Yes, I know exactly what you mean about the "shutter click." I can be across the room from another photographer and tell by the shutter squeak/click that they're using a Canon. I think it's annoying, but I guess it's ok with some people. I went with the Nikon have never regretted it.
As far as which camera body? I say, whatever feels the most comfortable to you. I'm biased for Nikon; I just think they're so much more user friendly.
That lens looks like an awesome lens! I really like the consistently fast aperture. Go for it and let us know how you like it!

Jo said...

On the d700 - all day for weddings! Good arm workout! LOL!!

Greg said...

Have you considered the Nikon D90 and using the money you save on lenses? I've read and researched quite a bit also on Nikon cameras and while the D300 is a great camera, many people don't think its worth the price difference from the D90. I think that the main difference is it has more focus points and weather proofing.

way outnumbered said...

I actually had that recommended to me by a salesperson but for some reason can't get the d300s out of my head...I even asked her "Why would they make the same camera for such a higher price?" with no valid response.

I'm weighing my options.....great suggestion!

Carin said...

I shoot with a D700 and either a 70-200 2.8 or 24-70 2.8. YES it's HEAVY. I've noticed after shooting any length of time my hand does begin to tire. Learning to carry more of the weight with your left hand is good. But I wouldn't be without either of my 2.8 lenses, can't go wrong there! I have Sigma lenses and love 'em.

NotAlwaysCharming said...'s super heavy. But you really get used to it pretty quickly. Just think of it as lugging around a small toddler! lol

Jeanette said...

I absolutly love the 17-55mm lens! I also haven't afforded to buy one, but I rent it from time to time for bigger shoots and love it the whole time! I also have heard the reviews on the D90... I think either way you go, you'll just love your Nikon!

Marla said...

OK - here's a link to a photographer's blog that I follow. She is selling her lens and I thought you might be interested .. .

Greg said...

Just thought I would check back and see how your camera search is going??

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