Monday, April 5, 2010

Anatomy of...A Glam Redhead

I've had the extreme fun of doing some major girly Glam Experience sessions recently~

If you're not familiar with my Glam Experience, it's a session I've designed for the ladies that's all about confidence and beauty...about expressing that other part of yourself....the one that's

I tell each lady that this session is not about photoshopping a whole new's simply about showing off the you that often gets buried at soccer class...and staff meetings!

I made these postcards to advertise my Glam Experience...I had them printed at vistaprint for FREE!  I love vistaprint!

This past weekend my friend divawit3 totally rocked out her Glam session!  
Not only is she always stylin' with a gorgeous mane of bright red hair, but she also just lost over 40 pounds in the last 6 months!  She literally worked her butt off!  

Here she was last September when I did her family pics...she was wanting to hide behind her kiddos in all the pictures...

...and here she is now...not hiding a thing~

All the shots above were edited the following way...
1.  I did some basic cloning under the eyes to lighten any dark spots then a few touches with the healing brush.
2.  I edited the skin with Coffeeshop Baby Powder Room
3.  Used Pioneer Woman PW B&W action and tweaked the lightness to the desired look. (I added a light texture on the last shot just around the edges)

Here's a few more...I love love love the PW Seventies action so I created the following images using that action...with a few tweaks of the hue/saturation to achieve the soft look...

Before ~

After ~

Before ~ 

After ~ 

Those edits were super simple...just the Coffeeshop Baby Powder Room on the skin, a few touches of sharpening on the jewelry accessories and the PW Seventies action adjusted to taste.  Try It!
And of course I had to showcase that *fab* red mane of hers...

Last but not least...what's a girl do when she's been sweatin' for 6 months getting her butt in shape??

She works them jeans!!

A huge thanks to divawit3 for letting me show off all her pics here to the world!  

I'll try to have some more before & afters from this session later this week...she was just such a perfect model...there were too many great ones to choose from~

And if you haven't shot a Glam session before I encourage you to get out there and do it!  Grab your girlfriends and go have some girly fun for the day...try some dramatic shots...some flirty shots...some fun shots...then hand the camera over to your girlfriend and YOU be the subject for once!


Tiki said...

Oh my gosh! Congrats to your friend - she looks amazing! I love her clothes - you'll have to tell us where she shops. What brand are those jeans? :) She has to be so happy with those glam shots you took. She looks just like a professional model and love your editing. Thanks for sharing!

Dee said...

Girl you have mad skills!! Love love love it! This Sister totally ROCKS out this session! Love that you promote such sisterhood! She is a beauty and that! She did a fab job working her butt off! literally! :)

cynthia gayle said...

Amazing Shots! Amazing Edits! Amazing Butt!! She is Gorgeous--you really brought out her beauty!! Moms can get lost in all the mothering and wifeing--Kudos to you for bringing out the Woman!!

Donna said...

Beautiful Mom and Beautiful Work!Thank you for sharing your editing techniques. Very helpful!
You Rock!!

Kirstin said...

Wow. What beautiful pics...I think you need to change your sidebar from saying Wanna-be photographer to something else because you are VERY good!

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