Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rockin' The Blog With Rita & Heather!

Soooo...notice anything different???
I'm Rockin' the Blog with Rita & Heather!

The wonderful and talented Rita from Coffeeshop  designed this great new blog for me and I'm having so much fun with it already!  

Let me tell ya, my Wish List for a new blog wasn't exactly simple. But Rita was so patient, informative and  super-quick to return my emails with all of my dumb questions answered.  

Let me break down for you what I'm really enjoying about my new blog:

1. The Sidebar ~
I've been wanting to add a sidebar to make all my stuff easily accessible but I didn't want to distract from pretty little photos like this one~

I think the color combo we came up with works well and isn't too horribly distracting from the main post.  Now I'm able to display a few of my favorite links on the side plus I've got links to great photo gear, the button to subscribe to wayoutnumbered (it's easy!), my blog archives, a "follow me" link and a facebook button for my photography biz, just in case any of y'all have ever heard of facebook~

2.  The Background Graphic ~
I figured if I was going to give this photography business a whirl then I should have an "official" logo.
So I contacted Heather   {her official title is Rita's Lil Sis}  and she worked me up this FaNTaStiC logo:

Didn't she do fabulous?  Subtle was not one of the requirements when building this logo!  
I used this graphic as my background on my blog and I love the fact that it's unique to me.
Heather was just as nice as Rita in answering all of my dumb questions, emailing me proofs and providing me with all the little extras I kept asking for.  Fabulousness must run in that family!

I've got plenty of projects on my wish list for Heather...such as whipping me up a cute little blinkie like all the cool bloggers have...check her out if you're wanting a logo, graphic, blog button or blinkie...she highly exceeded my expectations:)

3.  Stuff I Love ~
The Stuff I Love pages are undoubtedly what I'm most excited about.  I get questions all the time asking about products I use, editing software, sites I visit and tons of other stuff.  With my new pages I'm able to list everything I love and it's easily accessible all the time, you don't have to go searching thru archives. 

I've listed my absolute favorite texture & action sites with links directly to the their home page.  If I've used their textures and love their products then they're included in my Stuff I Love pages.  It's a very exclusive club and I'm sure they'd all be very honored to be included...if they knew I existed!

I've got links to learning tools, the coolest printable cd's and even my dream camera ~  I will rock the photo world when this camera is in my hands ~
Be sure to check out my Stuff I Love pages and let me know if you've got a product or site that you think deserves to be included.  I'd love to check it out!

4. My Slideshow Header ~
I feel completely silly about how fun it is to see my photos in a slideshow!  The slideshow was Rita's idea and she sent me a ton of templates to choose from, it was so fun!  Even though she has tutorials on how to do all this stuff I would have never thought to do it myself.  

The instructions were very simple to understand and I was so proud that I built it all by myself in photoshop elements...but that's where my bragging stops because I have no idea how it went from a flat .jpg like this... a real live moving slideshow!  Yes, I take joy in the little things~

I hope you enjoy my new blog design and find lots of helpful information.  I love sharing my photo successes and failures with everyone and really like the fact that this is the only place in my life where I can voice my opinions uninterrupted!  If you have kids at all (or dare I say a husband?) then you know that everything is interrupted!

I've got lots more features I plan on adding so keep checking back and I'll be sure to fill you in on all the cool stuff.  And leave me a comment if there's anything you'd like to see that I haven't added....I'm always up for new ideas:)

If you'd like to add any of these features to your blog you can find all these tutorials and more over at Coffeeshop.  Rita has tips and tricks for everything related to blogger blogs and plenty of new tips on the way...such as how to make the best use of bloggers new static exciting!  I can't rave enough about her fabulousness and there are not enough words to express my thanks~

Rita & Heather Rock!


Rita said...

Christy, you are the sweetest!!! I really enjoyed putting together your blog template and working out some of the nuts and bolts of the design, but I love how you designed your amazing background and slideshows! They make this blog. It was a pleasure working with you. My only disappointment is that you don't live close enough so we could meet over coffee and chat all things photography... :-) Rita

The Logo Maker said...

Designing your own identity is really difficult even if you’re in the field and having someone design your identity from the outside will give you perspective about what you stand for.

Gail said...

Love the new look!!! You guys all did a fantastic job. Very inviting!

Greg said...

New blog design is awesome!!

Anonymous said...

awesome. I really, really love your logo!!!!!!!!!

Marylin said...

Oh wow this looks gorgeous! I am *so* jealous. I know what I want my "logo" to look like, I just haven't had the time/energy... ok really I've been lazy about it. Damn. I really need to kick myself in the butt sometimes.
Aaanyway, as I was saying - looking GREAT! I'm waay jealous! :P

Beth P. said...

It looks beautiful! Great job!

Michelle said...

I absolutely LOVE the new look and all you cool new stuff....... I think I am coveting :)

Aimee said...

I love that all your photos throughout your posts are matted. It really makes them stand out!

Kelly said...

Love the new blog design!!! Great job!

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