Sunday, January 10, 2010

Desperate for Metal

I'm desperately wanting one of these:

No, not the Photoshop guru or the intimidating football player. (although both would come in handy to have around!)

What I'm desperate for is one of those fabulous metal prints that Scott Kelby is so proudly displaying.

Metal prints seem to be all the rage right now in the photog biz.  I love scouting for cool and unexpected products to display photographs and this metal option is my newest obsession.

The photographs are printed on aluminum and there's lots of options for the finishes such as high gloss, satin, white aluminum, brushed and more.  I got the sample pak from ImageWizards, which is where Mr. Kelby's photo was from, and it's pretty snazzy.  They included 4 small samples with different finishes and I was surprised at how different the same picture looked using the different options. The colors were amazing in all of them and seemed to have a glow about it.  

The budget doesn't quite allow for a metal print just yet, Image Wizards is pretty expensive in my opinion but I was trying to decide which picture I would choose if I could have one for myself.  I think I would print this one of Wild Child, I love the colors and think it would really show off the glow of the metal~

I've tossed around the idea of doing some trade shows this year and thought if I had a print done for display I'd probably use one of these to make the colors pop~

Image Wizards aren't the only printer that does the metal, but they're the only ones I have samples from. has a great selection of metal products and they're pretty affordable too.  They've also got these cool photo dog tags that I would love to try out:

And they have the floating metal prints with a print on a print:

I just love it all!!  
So here's my question to you:  
Has anyone ordered any of these metal prints?
If so, where did you order it from and do you think it's just the coolest thing?
If you haven't ordered but know of some other great places for metal stuff pass along the info ~ I wanna know!!


Chantena said...

Millers Lab, who i print from has fine art metals, acrylics and murals they seem pretty neat. Unfortunatly I havent had the xtra $$ to spend on them yet....but hwen I do a booth im def gonna splurge on some neat product!

way outnumbered said...

I've looked at Millers site but haven't worked with them yet, thanks for the tip! Let me know if you get a print from them!

Greg said...

McKenna Pro has metal prints, floats, tins, etc. I haven't ordered any yet...just found out about them yesterday.

way outnumbered said...

Wow! I just checked out McKenna Pro and I'm LUVN some of their stuff:) The CD tins are really cool, I'd love to send my clients cd's out in those. The accordion books with the tins are also so Wish List has just grown much larger!

Greg said...

Yes, McKenna does have some very cool looking items. They are on my Wish List also!

O Schrock said...

wow, thanks for the heads up! I hadn't seen these before! By the way, I think that close up of Wild Child would be awesome for that type of print!

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