Thursday, December 17, 2009

Girl In The White Dress

Wanna know how I turned this photo...

...into this?

Then head over to TexasChicksBlogsandPics where I've revealed all my editing secrets!


Amanda said...

amazing!!! Can't read anymore tonight so I have gotta head over and read about that tomorrow.... beautiful!

C.C. said...

Ohhh how adorable! I love it!

Amanda said...

I loved this tutorial. I actually kinda played around with it... but I have a question. I was able to extract my image using the magic extractor, because I don't know how to extract the image once you select it with the magic selection tool that you used. I use PSE 7 could this have something to do with that?

Anyways... here's my result :)

way outnumbered said...

After I selected the girl and the "ants were marching" around her, I just selected my Move Tool and drug the selection over to my new canvas. You can also click Command/Control + J to place your selection on a new layer by itself and then move it. Hope this helps...and feel free to leave any comments of other alternatives!

Amanda said...

Thank you!! How funny that it was something SO SIMPLE!!! Whenever I'm stuck on something the solution usually is something simple :)

Thanks so much again for this tutorial! I LOVE IT!

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