Thursday, September 24, 2009

It Ain't Easy to Photograph Angels!

You've already seen their Pretty Little Girly Dainty Feet, so I thought you'd want to see 
their little faces now.  
You'd think with 3 stunningly gorgeous, angelic little girls I could get fabulous photographs of them with my eyes closed!  But since I rarely go for the 'typical' shot, I really had to think about shooting at unique angles and trying to capture those real moments.  (instead of the fake "say cheese" smiles:)
Here's a few shots that I really thought captured not only their beauty but a little bit of those mischievous personalities too.
This girl was made for pictures! She's cool and chic and I really wanted to portray that in her photos...
Cool Chic
This was my favorite of hers for the whole session...those eyes are just piercing!
I created quite a challenge for myself with the next angel...she's a classic vintage beauty so I really tried hard to show a little sassy with her softness.
Vintage Beauty
Now for the baby, there's just no denying it, she's striking! You can't help but look at her and gasp at how beautiful she is. She's a photographer's dream!
Sweet Baby
Baby Walking
And just a few more of the girls was really hard to get a good one of all 3 of them together...I'm all ears for any tips on how to photograph multiple children together!! But I managed to get a few that were nice...
So I learned a TON with this session and wish I could do it 50 more times because I just kept thinking of more and more creative poses...but their momma was happy with the ones I got and that's the real challenge!


Erin said...

Oh, I love the shot of the girl looking back through the back of the chair. What great framing!

jen@odbt said...

The last shot is so breath-taking. Gotta love when you have cooperative models.

Anonymous said...

These photos are beautiful, just like the little girls.

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