Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hubby & Me plus 7

Summer 2009
OK, I'll agree that title isn't near as catchy as Jon & Kate plus Eight, but the concept remains the same. 
(minus the drama, product promotion and divorce lawyers)
Hubby and I had the extreme {adventure, fun, exhausting experience} of keeping 3 of our favorite kids in the world for several days a few weeks ago.  And these were not just any kids, these were Girls!
Having girls to stay with me is a Big Deal considering it's usually 5 males vs. 2 females in our house.  And I can't even count Scooter with me in the female division because she'll choose the boys over me every time.  Trader!
It's kind of weird though, with my extensive experience in *boy ownership* I was curious how it would be with the 3 girls...would the boys totally repulse them with their unique sounds....overwhelm them with their never ceasing compulsion to wrestle, kick and jab at anything within reach?
No Worries!!  Those cool chicks gave my rowdy boys a run for their money and still managed to look as cute as anything you've ever seen:)
They chowed down majorly disgusting food during our Fear Factor night (Overachiever was the only one who puked!), jumped in the pool with all their clothes on for a seriously close challenge and even flew off the rope swing in the muddy pond - yuck!
To summarize, here's what I've observed during my study in boys vs. girls:
  • Are Really Noisy.
  • Eat All Day.
  • Eat All Night.
  • Take quick showers and often forget to use soap.
  • Are Really Noisy.
  • Eat All Day.
  • Eat All Night.
  • Hog the Bathrooms.  Seriously.
Use this information wisely.
Girls Just Want to Have Fun!


Olivia said...

haha! I like that! I really hope that we can do that again! I miss you guys!

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