Friday, June 26, 2009

Fix It Friday!

Here's my contribution to Fix-It Friday at I Heart Faces.
I've actually not "fixed" anything...just had fun changing it around.  
With a guy as cute as this one there's nothing to fix!
Here's the original:
I worked in photoshop elements and softened the skin just a bit with Coffeeshop PowderRoom2 - and brightened the eyes just a little, not much.  
- then I ran the Coffeeshop Vintage action on it. 
- then I added a texture
- then I just kept clicking on the blend modes and playing around with opacity of the texture
(sorry, I wasn't keeping track...didn't think I would actually end up posting this!)
Here's my edit:
Sad Little Guy
You can check out all the great edits at I Heart Faces!


Rebecca said...

OK, that is really cool. Very different interpretation.

Sarah said...

cool! never seen one like that before!

Me-Mo said...

Oh so creative!! Your edit would make a beautiful greeting or postcard.

Together We Save said...

Wow - that is great.

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