Thursday, February 19, 2009

the blog

It's Official.
I've created a blog.
I'm not hip enough for 'myspace' and I'm not friendly enough for 'facebook'.  I figured 
the blog was the fitting solution to feed my addiction.
About the addiciton...I'm compelled almost daily to bombard my family & friends with photographs of all my creatures (aka kids). With my new-found blog I can simply post my photos here and then everyone can look...or not...comment...or not.  But please comment, sometimes, please.  Especially if it's something nice.
So here's my first photo post.  I'm so proud.  These are some shots of our recent snow you can see, Princess had a blast with this being her first year of really enjoying all the snow fun.  Then there's all the neighbor kids ready for a full day of sledding.  Never mind the fact that we live in a concrete subdivision...there's one backyard with just enough of a hill to keep this gang busy for days!  And of course there's the newest creature, Scooter, staying warm inside with Wild Child.  The snow was almost as tall as Scooter!


way outnumbered said...

Just checking if this comment thing works!

Elaine Doll said...

Love the pictures, Christy.

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